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Electrical for Mechanical

HVAC and BMS Wiring

Production Lines

We can take care of the supply and controls sides to the complete the installation; we have an excellent understanding of the applications and therefore set them up to suit.

Fain Coil Units

The controls of these is different to all of the other systems, we offer controls from simple to the complexed installation to suit all applications.


Supply and controls for water chillers is a very critical aspect of the installation. If not done correctly can cause major issues. e4 has a lot of experience in these areas and can make sure these areas are addressed.


From small 2 kW to 200+kW boilers the concept is the same they all need supplies and controls to suit their applications. We are able to install al controls to suit.

Cool Room & Freezers

These two are similar in most respects but if not wired correctly can cause major issues. We are able to make sure all the controls are installed correctly to maximize the use of the equipment.

Underfloor Heating

We are able to design and install electric underlfoor heating and wire the controls for water or similar. If set up right it can be a very nice heat.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

The use of these is a great way to maximize your building plant, we are able to design and install equipment to utilize the plant while keeping running cost down and comfort at a maximum. We work with well known controls companies to achieve this.